Happy Easter Everyone!

Happy Easter to all of you who celebrate and Happy Spring to others!
It’s so good to see nature’s colours coming through again. If you are wanting more uplift, then currently Punch-Drunk Love is selling at just 99p, although I don’t know for how long.
Perfect reading material while stuffing your face with Chocolate- as if you needed accompaniment…


A box for #booksniffing!

My paperbacks for Punch-Drunk Love arrived, having it made it through the wilderness of the Covid print backlog.  It’s so good to have the copies in my grubby little mitts!

(Quick recap for anyone new; Sweatpants At Tiffanie’s, my debut, was revamped in Feb to Punch-Drunk Love and while updating the ebook was easy peasy, the paperback was scuppered by a certain pandemic, hence the wait and my delight at getting this box now.)


Writing during lockdown and this socially distanced summer has been a challenge. I know some writers have managed to use the time effectively, but here it has been very distracting. Having the full family home has been lovely in many ways, but not conducive to gobbing out words. Also, I’ve found it difficult to write funny things when the world does not feel like a funny place. Levity is hard to find and so, for me, hard to produce.

And yet. The words eventually fought their way out. Once the kids went back to school, I took a little time for some self-care. It occurred to me during this that my creative well was fairly empty. Without having being out and about, or seeing friends, the stimulus had run dry. So I started watching family dramas on Netflix, and reading more books, making more effort to Zoom with friends which got the laughter going again. Gradually, the words returned, and then I hit a flurry and finally this happened;

And what’s more, my editor loves it, so fair winds willing, there is another book on the horizon. Hurraaaaaah!

And what can I tell you about it? Not a lot so far, because I am naturally afraid of jinxing things, but I can share that it’s a romcom, it’s has an ‘Enemies to lovers’ trope, and it involves a bucket list.

More details as I have them, such as a title for example. Still working on that …


It’s the 28th September which makes it National #DrinkBeerDay. The current COVID-19 pandemic is making it really hard for the hospitality sector, and I just wanted to give the breweries a shout out. This picture below was taken at Malt the Brewery in Prestwood, Bucks, where the lovely Nick and Jenny answered the brewing questions I had while I was writing Probably the Best Kiss in the World. Cheers everyone!

Children in Read

The CHILDREN IN READ auction has just gone live, with hundreds of authors giving their signed books in aid of this year’s CHILDREN IN NEED.
There’s every genre you could think of, from writers such as Phillip Pullman to Nigella Lawson, and from Carole Matthews to Robbie Fowler and Mary Beard
And if you fancy a signed and dedicated copy of PROBABLY THE BEST KISS IN THE WORLD it’s Lot #163 (Remember there’s only 102 days until Christmas, people!)
Check out the website. Bidding is now LIVE!!

Probably a Milestone!

Reviews are so important to an author, especially a newbie like me. They spread the word and take you up the Amazon algorithms. Probably the Best Kiss in the World just got its 250th rating on Amazon, which is a big milestone and I’m over the moon. Thank you to everyone who has read it and rated it. It means so much to me.

If you enjoy a book and have a spare moment, leaving a review will make the author extremely happy!

FacebookLIVE Tues 21st July

Fancy a hyggelig lunchtime? On Tuesday, the lovely Natalie Normann and I will be FacebookLIVEing on One More Chapter Book Club at 1pm (GMT). We’ll be talking about Natalie’s gorgeous book Summer Island, set in Norway and my book Probably the Best Kiss in the World, which is part-set in Denmark. Grab a sandwich (make it an open one, obvs) and join us! We’d love to see you. xx Here’s the link;

*Cue fanfare* New author pic

I have a new Author Pic and my Social Media consultant (aka my little sister) says I should trumpet it.
I have a fractious relationship with photos- cameras don’t seem to be able to understand my face. However, an imminent event prompted a makeshift photo-sesh this morning and DD2 did a handy job gaining a series of shots I’m chuffed with.
Tadahh- I have trumpeted!