One thousand reviews for Ten Years!!

Hurrraaah!! Ten Years reached 1000 reviews on Amazon.
A HUGE thank you to everyone who has reviewed the book, on The Zon and elsewhere, you are amazing and lovely and all the good things.
Reviews, no matter now short, are really helpful to writers, as they feed the Amazon algorithm. It helps new readers to find me. You don’t even have to have bought the book, or from Amazon, to leave a review there.
Other places to leave reviews if you want to support your fave authors or shout about a book you’ve loved, would be on Goodreads, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble, WHSmiths, Blackwells, any online bookstore and your library service. And you could tell the bookseller at your local indie store.
Thanks again to all who have reviewed my books! All the kisses to you 😘😘😘

Aaaand ANOTHER #AuthorGoal!

The very next day after hitting the AuthorGoal of seeing my German edition in an actual German bookshop, (see last post) I hit another. I know, right? Greedy.  I was pottering through Frankfurt airport, waiting for my flight and as always I find myself in the newsagent/bookstore.

And they had copies of Ten Years.

On their shelf.

For real travelling people to buy. (This blew my little mind)

Obviously this demanded all sorts of photography and filming. I was almost asked to leave….


I’ve just been for a quick trip to Germany on non-writing business and popped into a lovely bookshop in Eschwege called Heinemann. And there, on the shelf, were copies of my book!! This is the German translation of Ten Years, Zehn Jahre du und ich. And yes that is a ridiculously excited me, as it was the first time I’ve seen one myself out in the wild. That’s an Authorgoal, right there!

Top 50 in the US

Ten Years made it in the to Amazon US Kindle Top 50! I haven’t made the Top 50 in the UK before (Top 100, yes with a ranking of #67, but never Top 50), so this blew my little mind!

Aaaand there was a Bestseller flag in three categories which was thrilling.


Ten Years is now out in Canada!! I hadn’t appreciated before that Canadian books are bigger than UK books, but look! On the other hand Canada is waaay bigger than the UK, so fair enough!

Out now in ebook, paperback and audio.

Talking Tropes

I was madly honored to be on a panel at the Romantic Novelists Association Conference at Harper Adams University last weekend. Mark Stay (The Witches of Woodville), Elizabeth Drummond (The Reunion) and I talked about  tropes in romance novels.

In spite of it being the 9am slot on Sunday morning, after the gala the night before, the audience were up for a fun discussion about how tropes are useful to both authors and readers as well as in marketing.

Thanks to Nancy Peach for taking the pics.