Writing during lockdown and this socially distanced summer has been a challenge. I know some writers have managed to use the time effectively, but here it has been very distracting. Having the full family home has been lovely in many ways, but not conducive to gobbing out words. Also, I’ve found it difficult to write funny things when the world does not feel like a funny place. Levity is hard to find and so, for me, hard to produce.

And yet. The words eventually fought their way out. Once the kids went back to school, I took a little time for some self-care. It occurred to me during this that my creative well was fairly empty. Without having being out and about, or seeing friends, the stimulus had run dry. So I started watching family dramas on Netflix, and reading more books, making more effort to Zoom with friends which got the laughter going again. Gradually, the words returned, and then I hit a flurry and finally this happened;

And what’s more, my editor loves it, so fair winds willing, there is another book on the horizon. Hurraaaaaah!

And what can I tell you about it? Not a lot so far, because I am naturally afraid of jinxing things, but I can share that it’s a romcom, it’s has an ‘Enemies to lovers’ trope, and it involves a bucket list.

More details as I have them, such as a title for example. Still working on that …