Ten Years is now out in Canada!! I hadn’t appreciated before that Canadian books are bigger than UK books, but look! On the other hand Canada is waaay bigger than the UK, so fair enough! Out now in ebook, paperback and audio.

Talking Tropes

I was madly honored to be on a panel at the Romantic Novelists Association Conference at Harper Adams University last weekend. Mark Stay (The Witches of Woodville), Elizabeth Drummond (The Reunion) and I talked about  tropes in romance novels. In spite of it being the...

Audio thrills!

Last week I had the absolute thrill of recording the Authors Note and the Acknowledgments for the audiobook of Ten Years. It was so much fun and now I have raging career envy. Audio is out on August 31st.

Now out in Paperback

LOVE STORIES the short story anthology for DECs Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal is now available in paperback, for those who prefer touchable sniffable stories.  Authors and Links in the Books section.

New Book News! Ten Years

AT LAST I can announce the details of my next book!!!! It’s called TEN YEARS and it’ll be out on August 31st 2022. Here’s what it’s about; They’re perfect for each other They just don’t know it yet Becca and Charlie have known each other for...